Tseng Research Group

Biopolymer-enhanced, wearable devices

(bio) Materials-by-design

Nano-bio-electromagnetic interfaces

Our research group borrows ideas from both the natural and engineered worlds to create systems that seamlessly connect to living bodies

Selected Publications

Brackets denote equal contribution

Zhao, S., Tseng, P., Grasman, J., Yang, Y., Li, W., Napier, B., Yavuz, B., Chen, Y., Howell, L., Rincon, J., Omenetto, F., & Kaplan, D.L. “Programmable hydrogel ionic circuits for biologically matched electronic interfaces,” Advanced Materials, doi: 10.1002/adma.201800598 (2018)

[Tseng, P., Napier, B.], Garbarini, L., Kaplan, D. L. & Omenetto, F.G., “RF-trilayer sensors for tooth-mounted, wireless monitoring of the oral cavity and food consumption,” Advanced Materials, 30, 1703257 (2018)
"A tiny sensor could keep you healthy" Spotlighted in Science, Daily Mail, New Atlas, The Times UK, Ars Technica, Science Daily, USA Today, NY Post

[Pushkarsky, I., Tseng, P.], Black, D., France, B., Warfe, L., Koziol-White, C., Fester, W., Trinh, R., Lin, J., Scumpia, P., Morrison, S., Panettieri, R. A., & Di Carlo, D. “Elastomeric sensor surfaces for high-throughput single-cell force cytometry,” Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2, 124-137 (2018)

Tseng, P., Napier, B., Zhao, S., Applegate, M., Mitropolous, A., Marelli, B., Kaplan, D., & Omenetto, F. “Directed assembly of bio-inspired hierarchical materials with controlled nanofibrillar architectures,” Nature Nanotechnology, 12, 474-480 (2017)

Kunze, A., Tseng, P., Godzich, C., Murray, C., Caputo, A., Schweizer, F.E. & Di Carlo, D. “Engineering cortical neuron polarity with nanomagnets on a chip,” ACS Nano, 28, 3664-76 (2015)

Tseng, P., Lin, J., Owsley, K., Kong, J., Kunze, A. Murray, C. & Di Carlo, D., “Flexible and stretchable micromagnet arrays for tunable biointerfacing,” Advanced Materials., 27, 1083-1089 (2015)

Tseng, P. & Di Carlo, D. “Substrates with patterned extracellular matrix and subcellular stiffness gradients reveal local biomechanical responses,” Advanced Materials, 26, 1242-1247 (2014)

Tseng, P., Judy, J.W. & Di Carlo, D. “Magnetic nanoparticle-mediated massively parallel mechanical modulation of single-cell behavior,” Nature Methods, 9 (11), 1113-1119 (2012)

Tseng, P., Di Carlo, D. & Judy J.W. “Rapid and dynamic intracellular patterning of cell-internalized magnetic fluorescent nanoparticles,” Nano Letters 9, 3053-3059 (2009).


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